Overview of Tatoo usage

The easiest way to write an analyzer specification file for Tatoo is to use the new Tatoo ebnf file format. An eclipse plugin for these file is available.

Throught the writing of a specification file one can:

The ebnf file is a made of sections which consist of the line name: followed by its content. The valid sections are:

From the content of the ebnf file, Tatoo generates a lexer, a parser or both.

Though the generated lexer and parser can be used directly (which is advised if the analyzer is used in a small device), the glue between them, semantic stack managment or AST generation can be generated using the tools module of Tatoo. Its specification is given with an XML file or putting types in the ebnf file (the latter is dicouraged since it prevents clean separation between semantic and syntax).

The tools XML file consists in three kinds of directives: