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Classes in with type parameters of type ASTNode
static interface ASTNodeBuilder.Creator<A extends ASTNode>
 class ASTNodeBuilder.LazyCreator<A extends ASTNode>
 class Parameter<N extends ASTNode>

Subinterfaces of ASTNode in
 interface ProductionNode

Classes in that implement ASTNode
 class AttributeListNode
 class AttributeNode
 class AttributeSingleNode
 class BasicNode
 class CompositeNode
 class ElementNode
 class FlatNode
 class NonTerminalNode

Methods in with type parameters of type ASTNode
<A extends ASTNode>
ASTModel.getAllNodes(Class<A> clazz)

Methods in that return types with arguments of type ASTNode
 Collection<ASTNode> ASTNodeBuilder.getAllNodes()
 Collection<ASTNode> ASTModel.getAllNodes()
 Map<ObjectId,ASTNode> ASTNodeBuilder.getNodeMap()
 List<? extends Parameter<? extends ASTNode>> FlatNode.getNodes()
 Iterable<? extends Parameter<? extends ASTNode>> ASTModel.getStartParameters()