Package fr.umlv.tatoo.runtime.lexer

Interface Summary
ErrorForwarder<B extends LexerBuffer> Lexer error forwarding interface.
LexerErrorRecoveryPolicy<R,B extends LexerBuffer>  
LexerListener<R,B> Interface defining an observer registered on a lexer that receive notifications of rule recognized.
LexerWarningReporter<B> Error handler that handle warning during lexing process.
LifecycleHandler<B extends LexerBuffer> Interface for a listener called after Lexer.reset(fr.umlv.tatoo.runtime.buffer.LexerBuffer) or SimpleLexer.close().
RuleActivator<R> The lexer uses an object that implements this interface to change the set of active rule at the beginning of a token recognition.
SimpleLexer A simple interface that can be used to manipulate a lexer after its creation.

Class Summary
DefaultErrorForwarder<B extends LexerBuffer> This implementation that does nothing.
DefaultLexerErrorRecoveryPolicy<R,B extends LexerBuffer>  
DefaultLexerWarningReporter<B extends LexerBuffer>  
Lexer<B extends LexerBuffer> A Lexer represents a lexer process.
Lexer.LexerImpl<R,B extends LexerBuffer>  
LexerTable<R> Table that associates rule data to lexer rule.
NoLexerErrorRecoveryPolicy<R,B extends LexerBuffer>  
Scanner<R,B extends LexerBuffer> Provide a simple scanner that implements Iterator and Iterable The buffer must support the read operation.
Tokenizer<R,B extends LexerBuffer> Provide a simple tokenizer that can be used to implement LL algorithm.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary