Package fr.umlv.tatoo.runtime.parser

Interface Summary
BranchingParserListener<T> Listeners notified by the parser when sub-parser events occur.
ErrorRecoveryListener<T,N> Parser error recovery listener.
ParserListener<T,N,P> Parser action listener.
ParserWarningReporter<T,N,P,V> Error handler that handle warning during parsing process.

Class Summary
AcceptAction<T,P,V> Accept action class.
Action<T,P,V> Parser actions (shift/reduce/accept/error) super-class.
DefaultParserErrorRecoveryPolicy<T,N,P,V> Error recover policy that try to recover ...
EnterAction<T,P,V> Enter in a sub parser action class.
ExitAction<T,P,V> Exit out a sub parser action class.
LookaheadMap<T,V> Map each parser state with the set of terminals the parser that will not lead to an error from this state.
Parser<T,N,P,V> Tatoo parser class.
ParserErrorRecoveryPolicy<T,N,P,V> Error recovery policy of the parser.
ParserTable<T,N,P,V> Action table associated with a grammar.
ReduceAction<T,P,V> Reduce action class.
ShiftAction<T,P,V> Shift action class.
StateMetadata<T,N,V> Data associated to a state of the parsing table.
VersionedAction<T,P,V> Action that behaves differently depending of the version of the grammar.

Enum Summary
ActionReturn Instruct the parser about what it has to do.
SmartStepReturn Instruct the parser about what it has to do.

Exception Summary
ParsingException This class is used to signal that an error occurs during the parsing process.