Class Summary
AbstractToolsProcessor<B extends LexerBuffer,R,T,N,P> Abstract base class for all processors produced by the Tatoo Java backend.
DataViewer<B,D> Acts as a projection.
Debug A bunch of static methods that help to debugs Tatoo evaluators.
EnumParserLookaheadActivator<R extends Enum<R>,T extends Enum<T>,V extends Enum<V>> A rule activator that use parser lookaheads.
GenericStack A generic auto-resizeable stack that can store primitive type and objects used by the parser evaluator generated by Tatoo Tools.
HashParserLookaheadActivator<R,T> A generic hash table based rule activator that use parser lookaheads.
LookaheadMapFactory Helper methods to create a LookaheadMap.
ParserForwarder<T,B extends LexerBuffer> This class implements a lexer error handler and a lexer lifecycle handler.

Enum Summary
AbstractToolsProcessor.BufferOperation Possible operations when a token is recognized.