Class AbstractToolsProcessor<B extends LexerBuffer,R,T,N,P>

  extended by<B,R,T,N,P>
Type Parameters:
R - type of rule.
T - type of terminal.
N - type of non terminal.
P - type of production.
All Implemented Interfaces:
ErrorRecoveryListener<T,N>, ParserListener<T,N,P>

public abstract class AbstractToolsProcessor<B extends LexerBuffer,R,T,N,P>
extends Object
implements ParserListener<T,N,P>, ErrorRecoveryListener<T,N>

Abstract base class for all processors produced by the Tatoo Java backend.

Remi Forax

Nested Class Summary
static class AbstractToolsProcessor.BufferOperation
          Possible operations when a token is recognized.
Constructor Summary
protected AbstractToolsProcessor()
          Default constructor that does nothing.
Method Summary
abstract  LexerListener<R,B> createLexerListener(SimpleParser<? super T> parser)
          Creates a lexer listener that forwards recognized rule to the parser.
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Methods inherited from interface fr.umlv.tatoo.runtime.parser.ErrorRecoveryListener
popNonTerminalOnError, popTerminalOnError

Constructor Detail


protected AbstractToolsProcessor()
Default constructor that does nothing.

Method Detail


public abstract LexerListener<R,B> createLexerListener(SimpleParser<? super T> parser)
Creates a lexer listener that forwards recognized rule to the parser.

parser - a parser
a lexer listener.