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Packages that use ReadOnlyIntStack

Uses of ReadOnlyIntStack in fr.umlv.tatoo.runtime.parser

Methods in fr.umlv.tatoo.runtime.parser that return ReadOnlyIntStack
 ReadOnlyIntStack SimpleParser.getStateStack()
          Returns a view on the current parser state stack.
 ReadOnlyIntStack Parser.getStateStack()
          Returns a view on the current parser state stack.

Uses of ReadOnlyIntStack in fr.umlv.tatoo.runtime.util

Classes in fr.umlv.tatoo.runtime.util that implement ReadOnlyIntStack
 class IntArrayList
          A specific array list of integer that globally works as a stack to store parser state.

Methods in fr.umlv.tatoo.runtime.util that return ReadOnlyIntStack
 ReadOnlyIntStack ReadOnlyIntStack.duplicate()
          Duplicates the current stack.