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Uses of RuleData in fr.umlv.tatoo.runtime.lexer

Methods in fr.umlv.tatoo.runtime.lexer that return types with arguments of type RuleData
 Map<R,RuleData> LexerTable.getRuleDataMap()
          Returns an unmodifiable map that associates a rule data for each rule.

Constructor parameters in fr.umlv.tatoo.runtime.lexer with type arguments of type RuleData
LexerTable(Map<R,RuleData> ruleDatas)
          Creates a lexer table from a map of rules with their lexer data.

Uses of RuleData in fr.umlv.tatoo.runtime.lexer.rules

Methods in fr.umlv.tatoo.runtime.lexer.rules with parameters of type RuleData
 void Action.reset(R rule, RuleData ruleData)
          Reuse the action with a new rule and its data.