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Uses of LifecycleHandler in fr.umlv.tatoo.runtime.lexer

Methods in fr.umlv.tatoo.runtime.lexer that return LifecycleHandler
 LifecycleHandler<B> Lexer.getLifecycleHandler()
          Returns the LifecycleHandler for this lexer

Methods in fr.umlv.tatoo.runtime.lexer with parameters of type LifecycleHandler
<R,B extends LexerBuffer>
Lexer.createLexer(LexerTable<R> lexerTable, B buffer, LexerListener<? super R,? super B> listener, RuleActivator<R> activator, LifecycleHandler<B> lifecycleHandler, LexerErrorRecoveryPolicy<R,B> policy)
          Creates a new lexer process.

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Classes in that implement LifecycleHandler
 class ParserForwarder<T,B extends LexerBuffer>
          This class implements a lexer error handler and a lexer lifecycle handler.

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Methods in that return LifecycleHandler
 LifecycleHandler<B> ToolsBuilder.getLifecycleHandler()
 LifecycleHandler<B> LexerBuilder.getLifecycleHandler()

Methods in with parameters of type LifecycleHandler
 S ToolsBuilder.setLifecycleHandler(LifecycleHandler<B> lifecycleHandler)
 LexerBuilder<R,B> LexerBuilder.setLifecycleHandler(LifecycleHandler<B> lifecycleHandler)
          optionnal (null i.e. nothing or set by setParser by default)